The Importance of Social Connection

Socialization is particularly important for the emotional well-being of people with serious mental illness (SMI). This is true for several reasons. When people maintain their connections with others, they are more likely to be tuned in to the world around them, given that social expectations require attention, commitment and concentration. For people with SMI, social … Continue reading The Importance of Social Connection

Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Anxiety and depression are serious mental health conditions that affect the lives of millions of Americans. While they are uniquely different conditions, they can occur together.  The main symptom of depression is generally a lingering low, sad, or hopeless feeling. On the other hand, anxiety mainly involves an overwhelming sense of worry, nervousness, and fear. … Continue reading Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Identifying Anxiety Disorder

Most people experience anxiety on occasion. You know the feeling: Your chest tightens, your breathing shallows, and your mind starts racing with worst-case scenarios. No matter how hard you try, you can’t calm down.   According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, “Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting … Continue reading Identifying Anxiety Disorder

Conquering Anxiety, Fear of Failure, and Perfectionism Through My Art

By ​​Anna Wwoyld From childhood till adulthood, the visual arts have always been my nemesis. I have a distinct memory of when I was five years old. I got so upset that I could not draw an evenly shaped heart into the shag rug of my parents' bathroom that I had a temper tantrum complete with … Continue reading Conquering Anxiety, Fear of Failure, and Perfectionism Through My Art

Emotional Support Animals

There’s no doubt that the current situation with COVID-19 has dramatically impacted mental health in America and more people than ever are struggling with depression, stress, and anxiety. While medication and talk therapy are the most commonly prescribed treatments, studies suggest that owning an emotional support animal can improve both mental and physical health. The … Continue reading Emotional Support Animals

Symptoms and Treatment for Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe physical reactions when there is no apparent cause or immediate danger. Panic attacks can be extremely frightening, and you might think you're losing control, having a heart attack or even dying. Panic attacks may occur with or without a known trigger. According … Continue reading Symptoms and Treatment for Panic Attacks

Shining a Light on Anxiety Disorders

The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is stressful for many  people but for 40 million Americans living with fear and anxiety, stress is a normal part of life. For some individuals, it can interfere with or limit their ability to carry out major life activities. The term "anxiety" pertains to feelings of apprehension and fear, characterized by … Continue reading Shining a Light on Anxiety Disorders